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Lease Size and Pricing Information

What are the costs involved?

Approximate Lease Acreage Cost Oil and Gas Cost Revenue
40 acres $60000
80 acres $120000
160 acres $2400000
320 acres $4800000
640 acres $9600000
These costs include:
  1. Pre-sale research and evaluations of parcels
  2. Proxy bidding on your behalf
  3. Registered geologist's report
*Optional post-acquisition consulting and assistance is available through us.

Please contact us if you would like us to submit our full information package via U.S. Mail. This package will include a contract spelling out our mutual obligations to each other as we represent you at the upcoming Colorado and Wyoming Federal and state oil and gas lease auctions. The size brackets quoted above are approximations only; actual size of the lease acquired may vary slightly up or down from the quoted acreage. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR TRUST.

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